The governance structure of Clariah consists of a Executive Board, Board, Supervisory Board and International Advisory Panel.

Organisation structure

Executive Board

The Executive Board consist of the principal investigator, the CLARIAH executive director, the chief technical officer, and a responsible for communication, outreach, education and training.


The Board consists of the Executive Board, the Project Managers of the four focus areas: (Linguistics, Socio-Economic History, Media Studies and Text), a representative of the National Digital Heritage organization (NDE), and expert in digital techniques in the humanities.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of experienced employees of the organisations that play an important role in the project, researchers working at the cutting edge of Digital Humanities, ICT and digital infrastructure, and representatives of CLARIN and DARIAH.

International Advisory Panel

The International Advisory Panel are experts from outside of the Netherlands who have proven expertise in the field of Digital Humanities and Infrastructure.


The governance bodies are supported by the CLARIAH Office, which consists of a project secretary and a project manager.