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CLARIAH - Introduction

What does CLARIAH offer?

CLARIAH develops, facilitates and stimulates the use of Digital Humanities resources and infrastructures. We offer these resources to researchers and other professionals in an insightful and user-friendly way.


Software applications and services aimed at digitizing, annotating, analysing and reporting research data.

  • Perform research tasks faster, more efficiently and more accurately
  • Search, edit, analyze and present large amounts of data
  • Pose research questions that could not be answered before, for new scholarly insights
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Data sets varying from handwritten seventeenth-century texts to radio and television recordings and social media reports on current developments. Databases with structured data on historical economic parameters, linguistic phenomena, people, locations and more.

  • Explore source material
  • Jumpstart exploratory research
  • Link and enrich datasets
  • Generate, transform and share new datasets
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Methods, techniques and processes used in the development and deployment of resources. Technical and programming standards as well as substantive standards, vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies.

  • Gain insight into how tools and data have been developed
  • Better substantiate research results generated through Clariah resources
  • Using standards to develop new resources or modify existing ones
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Workflows that allow researchers to use resources in linked processes, for instance during common research steps.

  • Quickly gain insight into how certain tools and datasets can work together
  • Use a structured approach to analysis or processing of research material through multiple tools
  • Work through common research steps more efficiently and effectively
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Instruction and support for the use of resources. Additional training and education material.

  • Learn how to find the right resources
  • Learn to work faster and more effective with resources
  • Use or develop possibilities to apply tools and data in education
  • Look at use cases for inspiration and to refine research questions
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Ineo: all our digital resources in one place

From September 2021 on, all CLARIAH resources will be offered through the new digital resources platform Ineo. Until then, they can be found through the resource overview page.

How we develop our resources

CLARIAH uses teams from different scientific disciplines and specialisms to develop its digital resources. There are teams with work packages for linguistics, socio-economic history, media studies, textual sources and one focussed on technology. The teams develop products for specific research projects, but also for generic research and teaching needs.