WP6: Text

Work package 6 focuses on data and tools for scholars working in literary studies, history, philosophy, theology and religion studies, and other researchers using textual data.

Work Package 6 works towards an online environment in which researchers can process text in all possible phases of research. It aims to provide data, tools, and manuals for a wide arrange of tasks: handwritten text recognition, optical character recognition, part-of-speech tagging for historical Dutch and present-day Dutch, preparing a scholarly edition of texts, annotate text, analyze texts with computational stylistics tools, and much more.

Because Work Package 6 was just added to CLARIAH in 2019, it does not yet have a lot of data and tools available yet. The infrastructural-technical challenge for work package 6 is to offer existing resources (such as those available via Nederlab, to mention but one example) in a way that is suitable for reuse by arbitrary text analysis tools. Furthermore, dissemination through documentation and instruction are important in Work Package 6. Digital data and tools will have to be provided with sufficient documentation and training material to provide opportunities for researchers at every level of "digital literacy". Making clear what is and what is not possible with the available data and what computer tools can and cannot do, is a key topic.

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