• 20 May 2021
  • Online

CLARIAH Lunchlezing: Data story "Ladies and gentlemen…"

There is ample evidence that the female presence in Dutch popular media, both on and off screen, is very different from those of men. However, there is a general lack of data to support this in terms of both quantity and quality of female versus male presence.

Datastory Verkiezingsonderzoek
Datastory Verkiezingsonderzoek
Date and time

Thursday 20-05-2021, 12:00-13:00 hours


Meeting ID: 937 0565 4392
Passcode: 067545



Data research helps to make those differences visible. In this presentation, Willemien Sanders will discuss her approach to her data story about gender inequality in popular media as a modular story, which grows and develops as various research efforts with different partners contribute different perspectives to the overall narrative. VU students and collaborators Edith Brooks and Helene Ayar will zoom in on the challenges of analyzing gender in ASR files.

This CLARIAH Lunch lecture will be presented by:

Willemien Sanders

Willemien Sanders

Lead Data Stories, Beeld en Geluid